Wednesday, December 1, 2010

20/2010 - A Best-Of Compilation

It's December 1st. It's time to get a jump on this year's best-of lists (which we'll no doubt be inundated by shortly). So here's mine, in mixtape form. It's called 20/2010 - my top 20 songs of 2010. You can download it for free HERE. It features a lot of the artists that have been featured on this blog, LCD Soundsystem, Curren$y, The National, Das Racist to name a few...along with a few 2010 one-hit-wonders.

Here's a pic of all the tracks:

Lemme know what you think. In joy.


  1. Thanks, Nate! Just downloaded. You're cool.

  2. woo woo. free (good) music. thanks player